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Broken Phones Have Cost US Consumers Over $23.5 Billion

Categories: About Repair BusinessRelease time: 2014-10-19 10:54:00
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We’ve all been there, trying to unlock your phone, but your screen is cracked and you just cut your finger. A recent study Squaretrade has found that Americans have spent over $10.7 billion dollars on repairing or replacing damaged iPhones alone! In the last 7 years, it’s cost consumers in the US alone $23.5 billion for all smartphone repairs and replacements. This number keeps rising as more devices are available and the average consumer typically owns more than 1 device. Check out the recent study completed by Squaretrade over here.

You’re not alone.. “A quarter of iPhone owners have cracked a screen at some point, with 15% currently using an iPhone with a cracked screen.” – Squaretrade