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Government is Against Phone Encryption?

Categories: About Repair BusinessRelease time: 2014-10-11 15:32:00
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There’s been a lot of buzz around the tech world the last few days regarding Apple and their device encryption. It seems that the government and law enforcement agencies aren’t too thrilled about it, since it could leave them in the dark of having a backdoor into devices for “investigations“.

With most people already concerned about big data and big brother in their daily lives, it seems Apple is seemingly trying to relieve some of the burden for their users. Device encryption should be a default setting on all phones. If and when your phone is lost or stolen, you want to make sure the data is secure. Apple is hard at it especially after the latest iCloud celebrity photo hack that happened last month.

The biggest issue will arise when it comes down to enforcing this in other countries other than the United States, since other countries have different laws regarding mobile devices and user privacy. Apple is still playing it on the users side and will remain that way to protect their data every way they can. Is the government in the right for not wanting this? There could be certain situations where data on a device could solve a homicide or other high profile case, but more often than not, they’ve got other data elsewhere that will assist them in their investigations.