Think you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone?

Many think that they don’t really need a protective case for their phone because they are cautious, careful people. The truth is, no matter what your intentions and precautions may be, we all have accidents. According to manufacturers, insurers and repair shops, the most common reasons for cellphone breakage are tripping while texting, which sends the phone flying, and (cringe) dropping the cellphone in the toilet.

With the cost of replacing a smartphone at several hundred dollars and repairs or data recovery potentially as costly, it really is worth investing in a heavy-duty cellphone case. This is particularly true if you are among the 28 percent of cellphone users perilously “on call” in the bathroom.

Many people site poor aesthetics on their reason for keeping protective cases off of their phones.  In reality, what you may sacrifice in appearance you’ll make up with peace of mind and proven durability.

When choosing a protective case; consider its bulkiness, potential for interference with your phone’s functionality, shock and water resistance, charging capability and available accessories like bike mounts and holsters.

There’s a reason Otterbox cases are the number one selling smartphone case in the United States. As well as protecting against breakage, scratches and dust, their new Preserver Series is also waterproof. Previously cases by Otterbox touted protection from drops and scratches, but weren’t waterproof.

The Preserver case is made from two pieces of polycarbonate with overmoulded rubber, that snap together to guard against liquid. The Preserver is fully submersible in up to 6.6 feet of water, for up to 30 minutes.  Joyfully, this means getting caught in the rain is no longer a cause for concern.

Having a protective case for your iPad or other tablet is also highly recommended for many of the same reasons. We typically carry these devices around with us everywhere, which only means they will eventually get dropped, slip out of a bag or become of the victim of scratches and spills.

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