Over the last several years, Apple has been encouraging their customers to purchase AppleCare+ for their devices. In short, AppleCare+ is insurance for your Mac or iDevice (iPhone, iPad and iPod), providing additional warranty time and tech support.

AppleCare+ for iPhone costs $99. It extends your existing one-year warranty to two years, and covers the iPhone hardware, battery, earphones, usb power cable and power adapter two incidents of accidental damage, each subject to a $79 service fee plus tax. More info here.

So, if you break your screen, you’ll have paid Apple about $196 after tax. For your second break, you’ll have paid about $282 after tax. Break it a third time, and Apple won’t cover it at all. Also, what Apple doesn’t tell you is that they’re not going to replace your screen. Rather they’ll give you a refurbished phone as a replacement.

Compare that to the after-tax cost of GCP replacing your screen: $80 for iPhone 4/4S; $120 for iPhone 5/5s (and these prices are dropping as the cost of screens comes down). And you don’t have to worry about getting a refurbished phone that could have problems of its own. You keep your phone and get a brand new, OEM-quality screen.

What about the tech support and other benefits of AppleCare+? Sure, there are some additional benefits. But for the majority of iDevice owners, cracked screens and dead batteries are the only two problems you’re likely to face.

It’s important for consumers to make a decision regarding iPhone repair, or repair for their devices that’s best suited to their particular needs. For some, AppleCare+ is about peace of mind. But for those wanting to save money, we suggest politely turning down AppleCare+ coverage for iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Note: After working in an Apple-certified repair facility, I do recommend purchasing AppleCare+ coverage for iMacs and Macbooks, as these repairs are often difficult and very expensive.